Vantage Patch Notes

Patch 0.3.3

- World Inventory should no longer auto-search every time you start/cancel a craft before crafting.
- The algorithms for the first-time world item generation have been optimized and reworked to fix bugs that delayed item generation near the player when walking long distances.
- Underscores (_) can now be used in character names.
- Increased the run animation speed for players.
- Dead animals now have animal blood which can be extracted consumed.

Patch 0.3.2

- The server inventory code has had a complete overhaul. This was done to make the fetching of item data from the server much more reliable and stable in order to fix some very rare instances where item display data was being corrupted.
- The inventory code for crafting system has been overhauled as well. This makes the crafting system more independent from the rest of the game systems. This overhaul is still being tested even though I have found no bugs yet, so if you find any issues please let me know! This first step will soon allow you to refresh the world inventory screen while crafting items (coming soon).
- Animals' collision boxes will now be in the correct place when the animal needed to be reloaded into the game.
- Fixed an issue where some animals could not be killed.
- Other player's idle animations should now work again.
- You should not be able to hear other players' throwing sound anymore.
- Encumberance speed effects should now work correctly.
- The patcher should now correctly restart the game on its own again after an update.
- Drinking water smaller than the maximum amount should work again.
- Fixed an issue with large object's collision boxes not working.

Patch 0.3.1

- A MASSIVE Server database optimization overhaul was done which greatly improves server and network performance. Processing some actions on have been improved up to a factor of 10!
- Support for IPv6 IP addresses.
- Other players turning and jumping now works again.
- Game will no longer crash when clicking certain right click menu options.
- Fixed a server crash related to character creation.
- Animations now play at their correct speed.
- Tutorial window now appears for a first time player playing a non-tutorial character for the first time.
- Campfire sound and light should now correctly be removed when the fire goes out.
- Animals death animations now work again.
- The character creation points have been reworked. You now get a minimum number of default points to spend on every character. More information on the tooltip on the new main points window.
- You can now press the "1" key to ready the weapon in your left hand to throw or fire (works with weapons only)
- Campfires now last much longer.
- Clicking on another player now displays their name in the item window.
- Lowered the resolution of many textures which greatly lowered the graphical memory usage (which was causing texture loading errors as well).
- Renamed "log" items to "wood".
- A waypoint has been added into the game! Press the P key to turn on/off your waypoint. (It is saved when you log out as well ).
- Tutorial characters now appear in the character list.
- More quick craft options on items when you right click on them (stones/wood etc).
- Death screen has been re-balanced a little.
- Bug window appears on character creation as well.
- Custom server list adding/modifying bugs have been fixed.
- The item selection effect bugs have been fixed.
- You can now double click a craft or item in the Craft List window to open the craft window with that craft.
- The key commands window has been completely redone.
- Thrown item size bug has been fixed.
- Hopefully fixed an issue when picking up an item and another item is picked up instead.

Patch 0.3.0

- Complete Game Play Overhaul Update!
- This is a huge update that affected almost every aspect of the game, from items to crafts to skills. All of the crafts and skills were exhaustively tested, and heavily updated. Skill and craft progression has been completely redone. There are way too many changes to list as patch notes, but these are the major patch updates:
- The "Place Item" system should now work correctly again in terms in item-locking your inventory.
- "Reset HUD Windows" in the options now correctly removes old legacy windows.
- Drinking liquids now correctly removes the amount that was drunk.
- Run speed has been increased.
- Fixed tool tip issued on character creation screens.
- Notifications will no longer appear after character creation.
- Further improvements to the login windows.
- Animal network movement system has been reworked again and improved. This is still a work in progress, but the movements should now be much smoother.
- Fixed the craft skill weights display on the Craft List window.
- Intelligence and Wisdom overhauls! The way you gain XP for these skills has been completely redone:
- -- Intelligence: You now "learn from your mistakes". Aside from a few crafts, you can mainly gain experience from crafting "failures". Each time this happens you have a chance to gain intelligence experience.
- -- Wisdom: Wisdom is now part of every craft. It is a generic bonus to all your crafting skills. To gain more Wisdom, you can now sit in front of a fire or a shelter (thatchwork hut). For now you also gain wisdom passively from crafts as well but this may change soon.
- Removed extra Master Server Update connections that were not timing out.
- Premade character difficulty settings has been fixed.
- Crafting time scaling (removing tree branches of different sized) is now working correctly.
- Fixed an issue where putting fuel on a fire would cause the fire to disappear.
- Removed packet delay code on the server as it was affecting people with bad connections much more than anticipated.
- More trees now spawn in tundras and desert.
- Fires now last longer.
- Fixed an issue where moving items within world inventory would not update.
- Fixed many bugs relating to containers and liquids and inventory management.
- Fire size is now based off of the quality of the items of the fuel.
- Constitution skill XP gain has been completely reworked. You can gain constitution by eating and drinking if you are hungry or thirsty. You also have a change to gain constitution when attacked my an animal (what doesn't kill you makes you stronger), though this is not recommended.
- The death screen has been reworked and now also works correctly.
- Progress bonuses from optional items now work again.
- Cacti and other plants should now correctly appear.
- Fixed an issue with items disappearing after extracting liquids from an item.
- Did a large overhaul of the inventory management system on the server side which should fix many issues with items in player and world inventories changing and disappearing unexpectedly.
- The Herbalism skill should now work correctly with cooking.
- Fix a bug with purchasing skills during character creation.
- Herbs are now edible (but not very nutritious)
- Fixed a bug where attached items were staying as "in-use" after the craft was done.
- Fixed an issue where the player was being instantly disconnected after logging into the server.
- Leatherworking processes have been reworked, you can now wear leather after it has been "cleaned", the stats improve on it the more you "work" on it.
- Hide sacks now only require a clean hide.
- Fishing has been completely reworked and improved.
- Wood and stone fences have been added again, and can no longer be crafted in personal inventory.
- Farming has been completely overhauled and many bugs fixed! Statistics have been added for all the trees and herbs. For testing purposes now herbs only take 30 minutes to grow, and trees take 1 hour.
- Server performance greatly increased while players are crafting. This is still a work in progress, but no issues have appeared.

Patch 0.2.23

- Added the functionality for players to host their own dedicated server and also play offline! ( This functionality will most likely not be live until the Steam integration is complete )
- Completely reworked the inital login/ account windows to be much more simpler to use, and make them look MUCH nicer!
- Added a server selection window in which you can select server that are publicaly broadcasted to play on.

Patch 0.2.22

- A huge round of bug fixes and implementation has been done!

- Another massive round of Combat AI implementations have been done.
- Animals will now attack more consistently when maneuvering around them or running away.
- Animals now run at you even at close range
- Fixed an issue when animals would not turn to attack you
- Animals now have health! And weapons now have damage! Large animals will now take multiple attacks with a weapon in order to kill it. Be careful!
- Animals that are attacked and not killed will attack you!

- You can you select from premade characters when creating a new character!
- Premade characters usually cost less than custom creating the character.

- Containers now correctly update when a craft is failed/cancelled.
- There is now an identifier when your cannot access your inventories due to network traffic updating your items.
- You now cannot eat or drink another item until your are finish eating/drinking your current item.
- There is now a "search area" button on the player and world inventory screens.
- Tomatoes now have a food and water item.
- The entire "craft list" window and "skill" window has been completely reorganized.
- Most buttons now light up when hovered over.
- You can now destroy items as long it is not created by another player.
- You can now drop all items from a container at once.
- Fixed an issue with eating/drinking items removing other items in inventory.
- Growing plants will no longer have a full-size items on its first growth "tick".
- Thrown items now have correct size after being thrown.
- Thrown items now go through non-blocking items.
- Fixed a rendering issue with fish.
- Fixed various bugs with the character creation windows.
- You can no longer select and play a character while you are already creating a character.
- Player points now update correctly on the main menu.

Patch 0.2.21

- Mammoths are in the game! For now you will find mammoths in cold areas of the world, and sabretooth tigers in warm areas of the world.
- Animals now have sounds effects!
- Inventory network packets have been massively reduced, this should greatly increase the response time for item, invetory and worls searching items updates.
- Fixed a crash related to the display of certain charatcers within tool tips and descriptions.
- Animals now have smooth rotational movements!
- Improved the animal attack AI some more.
- You can no longer jump when dead.

Patch 0.2.20

- A massive overhaul and update to many of the animation system to help implement combat AI into the game
- The Sabretooth Tiger has been added into the game! Beware it can attack and kill you. If you leave it alone, it will leave you alone!
- Fixed a rare server crash when managing inventorty on the client.
- Drinking water from a lake no longer gives you an infinite water drinking buff.
- Fixed the animation "stuttering" issue where animals would contantly look like they were warping while walking.
- Added a help ticker to the game ( still in development ).
- Added some server-side metrics.
- The animation and item timing system has had amn overhaul, this should allow for more reliable update times for objects in the game.
- The Sabretooth tiger now randomly spawns all over the world, be careful!
- The "animation speed" issue has finally been fixed! All animation's speeds should be accurate.
- Objects that needed to be immediately loaded (dead animals after a kill) should do so much more reliably.
- Added a full screen damage graphic when being attacked by animals.
- Many more improvements that I cannot even think of.

Patch 0.2.19

- A large amount of textures were replaced/improved.
- Fixed the "death points" screen, and changed some of the values and types used.
- Altered some craft/ skill requirements in an ongoing effort to optimize the game play experience.
- Fixed the fish's rotations and improved their movement algorithm.
- The liquid inventory system has been completely reworked! You can now move liquids between any containers, dilute them, etc...
- You can now eat and drink items from world inventory as well.
- "spikey palm" trees now appear in search results again.

Patch 0.2.18

- Fixed several bugs with spear/weapon throwing.
- Food now slowly rots (loses quality). It is less when the object is attached to the object it grows on (fruits, etc..)
- Trees now spawn sticks/branches at a much slower rate more balaced for release values. Trees that did not have branch spawning now should have them.
- Farming has had another huge overhaul, and growth values have been changed to reflect game release values.
- The Farming tutorial pages have been redone to explain the farming overhaul mechanics. Read the tutorial to learn all of the great farming improvements.
- Plants now grow much more slowly (from farming overhaul)

Patch 0.2.17

- The game play overhaul update is now live! Practically every item, craft nad skill has been reworked and overhauled, as well as the levelling system.
- Nearly every craft, item and skill has new help tips and educational info.
- Farming Overhaul: Farming has been drastically reworked (stay tuned for a farming tutorial rewrite coming later)
- The position of your tilled soil now matters, more hostile areas will be harder ot grow in. (More info will come in tutorial soon)
- Crops no longer grow once they are fully grown.
- Brushworking overhaul: Brush is more common in the world, and its mesh has been updated.
- Leatherworking overhaul: Making hide items should be a little easier.
- Pottery overhaul: Making pottery should be easier, and the quality should be a bit higher.
- Hunting: New skill has been added - "Hunting". Killed animals should show up where they were killed now.
- Cooking: Herbs should now work correctly again
- Fixed an issue on the server which was causing the server to lock up, and even time out and disconnect the client.
- Optional craft items now pause when they run out so you can re-fill them.
- The way bonuses are applied while crafting has been reworked.
- "Auto-add items" for crafting now uses the highest quality item in your inventories!
- Many more changes!

Patch 0.2.16

- This is the first update using the final game play wipe/overhaul. All characters and accounts have been wiped as the overhauls also greatly affects those systems too.
- Currently there are only a limited number of skills and crafts to use right now as they are being exhaustively reworked, improved and tested for the game's release. This is a slow and exhausitve process but bear with me, this is all to make the game much more fun!
- There are so many changes I cannot list every small change I have done. In general, all items, crafts, and skills are getting a complete game play workover, and is still a "work in progress".
- Other patch notes:
- All items, skills, and crafts tooltips now have possible "Help Tip" windows, which will help new players understand what and how to use them much more easily.
- All items, skills, and crafts tooltips now have possible "Description" windows, which give a historical and/or educational background of each of them.
- Added options to disable the new tooltips in the options menu, also you can toggle the "Help Tip" windows with the 'H' key.
- Items now show who the item has been created by in the item's tooltip if it is a crafted item.
- The day/night cycle is now twice a long.
- The player's walk, run and jump speeds/heights have been adjusted to be more realistic.
- The crafting system has been updated. Items can how have symbols like "*", "-" , "+" before the item which describe what happens to the items as they are being crafted.

Patch 0.2.13

- I hopefully managed to fix the issue with random server timeouts while playing. This would happen to players randomly, and some times after taking actions like crafting. I will keep a close eye on this but hopefully the disconnects will not happen anymore.
- Fixed many bugs related to the tutorial, and updated several tutorial's text and images.
- The player jumping now uses stamina.
- Fixed some issues with animations ( animals ) reaction time to animation triggers that was causing some visual bugs.

Patch 0.2.12

- The Main Menu and Character Creation menus have all been reworked and improved. Many bugs have been fixed and the menus have been simplified as well.
- Account point system have been removed.
- You can now double click on some list options to activate the option. (Double click your character name on the main menu to load them, etc... )
- Animated objects (animals, etc) now correctly render their bump maps.

Patch 0.2.11

- A big round of profiling was done on the client and server, the result is a massive boost in performance on both programs. You should notice a very nice increase in framerate on the client, as well as faster response times from the server.
- Fixed an issue with other character rendering that was causing movement lag and players dissapearing when animations were played.

Patch 0.2.9

- Fixed a bug which was causing extremely bad network latency while in-game.

Patch 0.2.8

- This was a MASSIVE round of bug fixes! With large updates like this sometimes the game can be a little unstable, please let me know of any issues you may find. Also remember that the tutorial system has been overhauled. I would appreciate any feedback on the new tutorial as it will greatly help new players!
- Building a hut with a hut framework will now properly build the hut as the same location and orientation again.
- Fixed the skill description window tool tip blinking issue.
- An issue was fixed that was possibly causing a big performance drop in the game, the game may run more smoothly for some players now.
- Items now correctly give their statistic level and XP bonuses again.
- Objects that need to be immediately loaded and appear on screen now do so (ex. a thrown item)
- Objects that spawn items now list what those items are in the "Item Effects" window (ex. a cactus spawns cactus seeds). (not all items have this implemented yet)
- Hide smoker can now be picked up
- The size of the hut framework and hut has been increased (only affects newly created huts)
- All objects that are supposed to dissapear over time now do so correctly (dead animals, etc..)
- Bears have been made bigger, *rawr*
- Trees will now spawn in tundra and desert areas so players have access to larger pieces of wood
- Wood and cordage is now correctly consumed when building hide stretchers
- The player death warning now occurs much earlier so players have a chance to raise their health.
- Standing near lake water now allows you to use the lake as a water source for actual crafting recipies. Simply search the area near a lake and a "lake water" item will appear in the world inventory.
- Fire and hut "regen" buffs area size have been increased.
- The dead wolf mesh now correctly alignes with the animation again
- Fixed many animation's timing issues that were cauusing animations to "stutter" when repeating (animals running/walking, etc...)
- Rabbits now spawn in tundra areas.
- A "chill buff" has been implemented and it is activated when you enter a "cold" area of the world, you will slowly lose your health in very cold areas.
- Cacti now have seeds so you can plant/grow cactus elsewhere
- Coconut shells are now a source of fuel for fires.
- Some debugging text that appears in the chat box has been removed.
- Other dead characters are now fully lootable! You can pick up all items off of other dead characters.
- Drinking liquids from containers now only consume a set amount of liquid (500mL )
- Kneading clay with temper now also increases its durability.
- A toggle option was added to the craft window to select whether you want to immediately drop completed craft items onto the ground instead of putting them in your hand.
- The time it takes to open a coconut has been reduced
- You can how use the "space bar" to toggle between mouse look mode in windowed mode, it no longer activates the windows cursor.
- A "snapshot timer" has been added to the world inventory to show you how long ago you last accessed the state of the world items around you.
- Various improvements to the tutorial.
- Shadows are now slightly darker on objects to match the shadows casted on the terrain.

Patch 0.2.5

- The tutorial overhaul is complete! Check out the new tutorial system in the game, please give feedback on it to make it better.
- There were many bug fixes I did over the summer, I cannot remember them all but the main update is the tutorial overhaul.
- I will be working heavily on game play and bug fixes, the game may have some instability, and content may be removed as I do this, please let me know if any issues you run into, it always helps me tremendouly!
- Known issue: wolves and other animals deaths animations and dead meshes do not match up.
- Known issue: server times out the client periodically. If you experience any pattern to what causes this, please let me know.

Patch 0.2.4

- Improved the animal death animations from repeating (may still be a buggy frame or two )
- Fixed blank item effects in tool tips
- No longer hear walking sound when jumping
- Jumping into water now works correctly
- Increased the amount of clay in clay beds

Patch 0.2.3

I finaly was able to get to a round of bug fixing!

- Animals should now be killable again! (Sorry about that )
- Video resolutions has been reworked, and you now define your inital window screen size by default as well from the Account screen.
- Object rendering distances have been improved ( less object should "dissapear" near you ).
- Fix a bug where another player would keep walking when they left your view.
- Your last saved position and last look direction are now saved and loaded correctly.
- Improved shadows to have less artifacts, and shadows should no longer make objects look like they are "hovering".
- Auto-run has been implemented ( NUMPAD 0 key ).
- Login and Password should now be saved correctly every time.
- Disbaled "esc" key while in initla main menu.
- Fixed an issue with other player's rotations.
- Scoll bars should be draggable again.

Patch 0.2.2

NOTE: This version has a great deal of back-end framework that has been added/updated/optimized, and this version may be unstable at times.

Patch overview:
This version has a large amount of new game features, the major features are described in detail below. Please bear in mind that these features will be heavily adjusted while development continues.

Patch notes:

- Object load times and load balancing have been improved drastically!
----Object files are now much smaller then they have ever been and are much quicker to load.
----Object loading has been spaced out to ease the loading times per frame while loading objects. Objects may seem to load in slower, but the framerate lag is greatly dimishied.
----Object loading multithreading option (CAUTION: This may still be unstable and may cause crashes or game lockups ). You can run the game in multithreaded mode. You can select the option from the account log in window. This feature is an experimental way to quickly load in objects.

- Players can now jump!
----Right click while in "player move" mode to jump
----Players can also jump on objects in the world (currently very few objects are marked for this)
----Added network code for rendering other players jumping/standing on objects

- Item placement code had been improved
----You can place items on other objects(tables, walls, etc... Currently very few items are flagged for this feature )
----Added context colors for valid/invalid placement
----You can no longer place items on steep slopes (ground or other items)

- Other players movements are now much smoother

- This patch focused on a huge amount of back end optimizations. Now that these are done I will now be focusing on bug fixes/content addition and balacing, and I will also be completely reworking the tutorial!

Patch 0.2.0

This is a HUGE update with lots of additions. Mostly this update deals with optimizations, and bug fixes, but there are some content additions as well. The next updates should focus even more on content and gameplay improvements even more than this one.

Patch overview:

- Hunger and thirst have been added into the game. If you get hungry or thirsty you will start to lose health at a much faster rate.
- The initial framework for combat/animal AI have been implemented, there is not a great deal implemented yet, but this makes it possible to add more AI mechanics to animals. But for now, animals run away from you!
- Created a user interface for the server architecture for player server hosting ( I am currently not making the server public at this time however, you may only still play on my hosted server )
- Fixed a potentially fatal memory assignment bug that may have caused player's game to simply not work after clicking the "Play" button after logging in. It may be a small chance, but players who could not run the game should give this version a try.
- Due to the amount of overhauls done, a full world, item, account and character wipe has been done. Sorry!

Patch notes:

- Items are now placed into containers automatically during character creation's item purchasing if the space and type is available.
- Items should no longer be flagged as "used" for crafting when doing a server restart.
- Fire should now be correctly consuming fuel.
- The options screen has had been re-designed.
- Swimming speed has been reduced.
- Should no longer get multiple of the same craft option when right clicking an item.
- Starting a new craft should now override the craft screen with the new craft (unless you are actively crafting).
- Increased the chance of getting firemaking skill when creating a fire.
- Fixed text edit boxes to save/delete data when needed.
- Fixed the issue when apples would disappear when picked up.
- Burned out fire pits and dead animal carcasses will now disappear after a while.
- Sling/pebble now does damage
- Food and thirst mechanics have been added into the game!
- The amount of focus/health/stamina you receive from eating/drinking has been improved.
- Items that are now cooked now say "cooked" directly in the name now.
- Cattails now have seeds.
- A new item, "cord belt" has been added into the game, this belt is an easy, quick starting item that can be used as a container. You can also buy one in the character creation screen, or can be crafted in-game.
- The "Location" option is automatically selected when you select a location to spawn at now.
- Several item-throwing bugs have been fixed.
- Small sticks can now be crushed into tinder for use to start fires.
- Desert brush now yields small sticks.
- Re-added the "notify" HUD into the game, this will display very important messages (the specific messages will slowly be added).
- Fixed the error when creating a name with no space but says there is a space has been fixed.
- Muting sound now correctly mutes all sound
- Eating/drinking again while another is active now correctly updates the buff with the last item used.
- You can now drink water directly from the lake!
- Animals now run away from you, no more walking up and killing an animal point blank!
- Item buying lists in character creation have been updated.
- Character will now be correctly deleted if creation is abandoned during character creation.
- The way the tutorial starts up is now different (still a work in progress). Also there are now links on the Craft List and Crafts screen to the tutorial section that describe those windows in full detail.
- HUD windows should now save correctly.

Patch 1.0.38

- Herbalism update! Find and grow herbs, cultivate them yourself, and use them in cooking recipes to increase your stats!
- A world item wipe was done due to the large amount of new objects being generated in the world, accounts and characters are still intact
- Added new herbs, seeds, and 7 new plants to the world.

Patch 1.0.37

- Improved shadows further
- Other bug fixes, etc for Independent Games Festival

Patch 1.0.34

- Issues with shadow rendering distance have been greatly improved, I am continuing to work on improving shadows.
- Fixed a server crash that was occuring when picking up certain items.
- Many other small bug fixes

Patch 1.0.33

- Fixed a bug which was making items like trees spawn infinite items, due to this another world item wipe had to be done.
- Spear has been moved to the "Wood Weapons" crafting section.
- Closing the game with Alt+F4 should now work correctly
- "File download" HUD should no longer show when there are no files to check or download.
- Fixed "dead caveman" rendering
- Cattail and Tule reeds population have been slightly increased over the world, I will continue to work on this.
- The sprinting system has been improved and is now accurate, you only lose stamina when moving.

Patch 1.0.32

- Trees can now be planted and grown the same as crops. Trees now grow seeds in order to be planted.
- An overhaul of the dynamic item system have been done, this is a major overhaul to the item property system of the game.
- Improved some shadow rendering code
- Many other bug fixes and tweaks

Patch 1.0.31

- Shadows are now in the game! You can toggle them on/off in the options menu.
- Again hopefully fixed the issue with login/passwords not being saved.

Patch 1.0.30

- Dead animals now drop animal sinew, which is a form of cordage for crafting.
- Bug submission boxes now clear after submitting a bug.
- Fixed several issues when cancelling out of creating a new character during full character creation.
- Medium and large hide stretchers are now movable.
- Bear meat should be editble (again).
- Hopefully fixed saved login/password from not loading in its data.

Patch 1.0.29

- Fixed some issues when much older clients try to connect.
- Hopefully fixed the issue with extra characters apprearing in the text chats when pressing the SHIFT key.
- The 'invert mouse' option has been moved so it is more visible, and a 'mouse sensitivity' option has been implemented in the options screen.
- Several text corrections in the tutorial, and made some areas of the tutorial a little bit easier to understand.

Patch 1.0.28

- The game will be on Steam Greenlight very soon! Stay tuned!
- Fixed a client crash when near other players
- You can now toggle mouse look/game cursor with the TAB key as well. The tutorial and key commands screen have been updated to reflect this.
- Text now scrolls left on all edit boxes once your typing reaches the far right side.
- All tutorial players now spawn at the same point in the world.

Patch 1.0.26

- The character creation windows have been cleaned up a little, the help icons for each window are now visible green text you can hover over to get more detailed information on how to create a character on each screen.
- Fixed an issue where players would not appear on other players screens.

Patch 1.0.25

- I have disabled the in-game patching system until I get get the download speeds to be much faster, I will be working on that soon. For now all the files are again pre-loaded at the patching screen, so all files are ready when the game starts.
- Terrain should now be loaded in much more quickly.
- Several issues with the interactive tutorial not triggering some of the events should be now be all fixed.
- Some memory cleanup routines have been worked on.

Patch 1.0.24

- Reorganized the login screen to look a little better and user friendly.
- Other various bug fixes.

Patch 1.0.23

- Added server patching and player limits to the server
- Changed "Just Play" from the main Character menu to "Tutorial" to better explain that that selection starts with all the tutorial items you need.
- You should now be able to cook bear meat

Patch 1.0.22

- The final part of the in-game patcher implementation is now complete! First time installers of the game will now only download less than 76MB of data! And half of that size are graphics system files which I hope to eliminate at some point. Terrain textures are now downloaded into the game while playing, and a priority file download system has been implemented.
- Finally fixed a massive bug that was slowing down, and sometimes freezing the game server. Hopefully this will not occur anymore.

Patch 1.0.21

- Due to a database corruption, I have had to do an account wipe. I have not done a world wipe so all your current items in the world should still be available.
- I have done a massive implemenation of the patching system, and the game will now patch major file assets in-game, instead of loading them in one large initial pre-game patch. All art, objects, animations and sounds will now be loaded in the game when they are needed.
-- This is a large and possibly unstable implementation and I would greatly appreciate any feedback you can give me on this new system.
-- Current players who have already patched the game at this point will not see any difference since you already have all the game files. If you wish to test out the in-game patcher system, delete your current game folder, and reinstall the game, I have also updated the game's installer.
-- The purpose of this system is that later in development there will be thousands of objects and sounds accompanying them, and this way a player will not have to download massive amounts of data to play the game. The initial patch download is now about 400MB less, and that will diminish as I continue to remove old obsolete files.

Patch 1.0.20

- Added options to show whether a player was patching of playimng the game
- Fixed a server crash when buying skills passed max skill level

Patch 1.0.19

- The patcher now downloads a list of updated patch servers in which to patch from, it also downloads a current list of game servers. This will be used for setting up multiple patch and game servers at a later time.
- A full balancing pass has been done to all crafts in the game, crafts have been playtested and adjusted so that item degredation and crafting time make the crafts more successful, and more realistic in terms of time completion. Some item requirements have been reduced as well.
- Skills for crafts have been reworked, and skill XP gain for crafting has been greatly increased.
- Many items have had their statistics adjusted.
- The XP bonus for having an epiphany in a skill now works correctly.
- Fires and torches should no longer instantly burn out.
- Plants should no longer instantly grow to the next stage.
- Huts are now placed according to the angle of the land, instead of placed completely level.
- Using pebbles with a sling now works correctly and you can kill animals with it.
- Fixed bugs with liquid quantities if crafts using too much liquid.
- Fixed many bugs within the item degredation code used with fires/plants/items spawning etc.
- Fires now correctly replenish Stamina and Focus, instead of Health and Focus
- You now use much less stamina when you run, so you can now run much longer.
- Farming soil degredation now works correctly again.

Patch 1.0.18

- There are now many types of the stones in the world, each with varying durability.
- A balace pass has been done to the wood sticks as well, each with varying durability.
- Hopefully fixed an issue with a server crash
- Removed some options from the login screen that were used only by me for editing purposes.
- Can now build stone and wood walls and markers to designate where to place them

- SERVER HOTFIX - Fixed the issue with some objects not being lit correctly.

Patch 1.0.17

- I have hopefully fixed the issue with the game not being able to run on Windows 8. The game should now work on Windows 8 again.

Patch 1.0.16

- An account wipe has been done due to some large overhauls in character inventory code. A character wipe was necessary, but just to be safe I just did an account wipe as well.
- Torches are now in the game! They are one-time burning objects you can either place on the ground, or carry them in your inventory and use them as a mobile light source. There is a great deal of new code to implement this and may be unstable. I have had no problems with my own personal testing but please let me know of any issues.
- Added a link to the vantage forums on the patch screen
- many other bug fixes and optimizations
- I will now be looking into the crashing issues with windows 8, and while patching.

Patch 1.0.15

- The crafts and skills unlock system has been completely reworked, there are now two difficuly levels to choose from at character creation. The realism option will implement the "tech tree" style unlock system, while the "easy" mode will still allow you to have all skills unlocked to play with. There will tooltips in the skill descriptions that tell you what skills and crafts will be unlocked next. Of course this is the first run through so unlock locations/levels are all just test values.
- Oak and Fir trees will now correctly spawn wood on the tree and drop wood nearby
- Updated the patch window with more accurate messages regarding connecting to the server, and will explain what happened if the client cannot connect.
- Food and water now give more health over time
- Fixed a bug where a huge amount of packets were being sent once a character was created and loaded into the game.
- Fixed an object scaling issue when throwing certain items several times in a row.
- other various bug fixes and tweaks

Patch 1.0.14

- You can now place items in your inventory onto the ground. You can select exactly where to drop the item and rotate it before placing it so you can now arrange, organize, and accentuate areas of the world.
- Placement instructions are located in chat when you place an item, or on the key controls window.

Patch 1.0.13

- Persistent item spawning is now in the game! Fruit ( bananas,apples, cactus water, etc...) will now regrow on trees, and animals and fish will spawn over time ( I will keep an eye on the spawn rates, fruit spawning and crop growth are both really fast for testing purposes )
- Fixed a bug that prevented you from buying more items if you returned an item during character creation
- Location spawns now work correctly again on the character deploy window. They will now spawn you in better located non-snow areas
- Reworked the fire consumption code to correctly update with the new "decay-over-time" mechanics
- A world item wipe was done due to the new spawn mechanics
- You can now see other players again! (Sorry about that)
- Fixed a client crash that would occur when another player appeared on screen
- Fixed a bug where certain actions would not work when another player on screen would throw an item

Patch 1.0.12

- Added a bug report and comment window to the game
- Updated UI code so UI windows could be updated automatically on the client

Patch 1.0.11

- Farming has now been implemented into the game!
- -- There are a lot of mechanics to farming, a Farming section has been added to the help tutorial pages, so give it a read!
- Fixed a bug with icons not appearing in inventory lists.
- You should now be able to deploy on a friend when you create a new character.
- A large number of game mechanics have been added, altered, or improved in order to implement farming, so please let me know if you experience any bugs/problems/crashes.
- Clicking on an item in the world will now give all objects at that exact position, not just the item.

Patch 1.0.10

- Clay and pottery has been added to the game!
- many new crafts ,skills, and items are now in the game in order to make pottery
- ( A world item wipe was done in order to place clay beds in the world )
- fixed some issues with gathering lake water

Patch 1.0.09

- I have rewritten the mesh memory allocation code so it will now dynamically load and remove mesh data only when items need to be rendered, this has lowered the memory foortprint of the game dramatically! You will notice loading of objects to be less frequent, but more consistent throughout the game. Hopefully this will solve some issues with the game crashing while playing for extended periods of time.
- Shoes now give an appropriate speed buff.
- Skills/crafts will now autoatically update when a new patch goes out, no need for account wipes for that reason anymore.
- A full list of key controls have been added to the options menu.
- Cattails, their parts and cordage have has their weight and space reduced significantly (this will only affect newly spawned items of those types)

Patch 1.0.08

- An account and world wipe was done. Hopefully within the next patch or two this will not to be done to unlock new crafts for characters so account wipes will occur much less frequently.
- Leatherworking is now in the game! You now have to clean,brain,stratch, and smoke hides in order ot uise them for crafts.
- Several new crafts have been implemented for leatherworking, you cna now make apparel to wear which will also boost your stats (Shoes currently have no effect and will be fixed soon).
- (As a side note, you can wear items but you will not see them on your character, item attachments to characters will need to come at a later time down the road in hte deveopment of the game since it is a rather large project to implement such a thing.)
- Many new crafting mechanics were implemented server side to accomodate the new leatherworking mechanics.
- tule reed spawnings are much more common so gathering and making cordage is easier. (Soon I will add more items which can be used as cordage)
- NOTE: You may see a "Connection lost to server..." message, but you will still be connected and fine to continue playing. I am looking into this

Patch 1.0.07

- I have updated the patcher to give the correct permissions in order for the game's patcher to work for some systems that have different default permissions set for their folders.

Patch 1.0.06

- Fixed an issue with oak logs rendering far off from its location
- Added some internal debug testing information to better analyze server stability
- NOTE: You may see a "Connection lost to server..." message, but you will still be connected and fine to continue playing. I am looking into this

Patch 1.0.05

There are alot of updates in this patch, a lot more crafts, items and skills. A world and account wipe has been done to be due to all of hte extra improvements
- Fixed an issue with sounds and music volume not working correctly when changed in the options menu
- Throwing weapon implements have been added (baton, atlatl, and sling ) you equip "ammuntion" and fire the weapon.
- Many of the items previously in the pre-wipe version of the game from approximately 1 year ago are added back in and improved:
- You can now collect water from the lake, and extract it from plants like the cactus
- You can once again build you own hut! It takes alot of materials and time but you get a bonus to your regeneration when near the huts.
- Fish are more commonly spawned
- You can now fish with a fishing pole! Craft a pole then stand near some fish and try to catch some. You can always still spear fish as well.
- Tule is now back in the game as another resource to make cordage and mats from.
- Many other item, skill and craft additions

- NOTE: When testing this build I realized that my assests take up a lot of memory and the game runs out of memory due to the large file sizes of the assets. I have lowered some of the major file sizes of some the game's assets so this should not be much of a problem, but if you get message in-game saying otherwise please let me know and I will make this a higher priority. I will of course be working to continuously address this problem.

Patch 1.0.04

- Fixed several resolution changing bugs

Patch 1.0.03

The game is now compatible with Windows 8. Download the run the installer again from the website ( on Windows 8.

Patch 0.1.02

Open Alpha is here! This update is extremely HUGE!

Some of the major additions:
- A massive amount of environment sounds have been added, atmospheric and 3D positional sounds, enjoy!
- A comprehensive character creation system has been implemented. This is a major overhaul of the character system and may be unstable, and is still a work in progress. The windows are bare-bones but fully functional.
- There are help tooltips on each character creation window that explain the working of each window as you progress through the creation

Other additions:
- A couple of the new trees have beed added to replace old trees
- A new, larger world has been generated
- Terraforming algorithms were improved for the new world

Other notes:
- Please let me know of any bugs and crashes immediately. I massive amount of content has been added and needs to be tested.
- Known Issue: Would files not being properly erased when patching. If you experience a bug in terrain height, you may need to delete your "Game_Data\Worlds\World1" directory and delete any *.ter files you have, this should fix the issue
- Known issue: In-game windows and tutorial appears each time you create a new character, and winodws are reset every time you load a character. I will need to re-write the UI window saving preferences later.

Patch 0.0.03

A great many changes have been implemented to the game, I will try to list as many as I can. Again the game still looks "barren" as most of the objects outside of the starting location have been removed. I will be adding these back in as I get the new art content for the items, as the old content that was currently in the game was simply placeholder art.
- Several new objects, crafts and skills were added
- Animated objects now have the correct normal and specular lighting
- Fish and rabbit are now back in the game, as well as spear fishing ( the rest of the animals will be implemented again soon )
- "eating" and "drinking" mechanics have been completely reworked
- Game sounds are being completely redone, and 3D positional sounds are being implemented. All new crafting sounds, and sounds like the campfire actually burning, etc... These will be continually implemented as they are made.
- Known Issue: Some new game sounds are lower volume than intended

Patch 0.0.04

Another large update. I have also created a new world since I am testing improvements to the terraforming algorithms. Also almost all of the game objects have been re-implemented into the game.
- A new world has been created, new worlds will most likely be created more often while I work on world generation algoritms
- Several new objects, crafts and skills were added
- Some more new and improved sounds
- Most of the original in-game objects have been re-implemented and improved
- Account file rearranging on the server side to facilitate account managements and wipes
- Animals are back in the game and drop some basic crafting items and are now correctly rendered (with specular/normals)